carrot green pesto

©martina lang
©martina lang

ingredient for one jar:


200-300g carrot green = one big bundle of carrots

2 handfuls sunflower seeds

200 ml virgin olive oil - cold pressed (or dark pumpkin seed oil)

1/2 tbsp sea salt

2 garlic cloves

2 medium lemons - the juice


wash the greens carefully and dry with a kitchen cloth, squeeze the lemon and combine all ingredients in a blender. 



- you can use walnuts, hazelnuts or cashew nuts instead of sunflower seeds

- 1 hint of ground pepper goes well too

- if you like a milder taste add other green fresh herbs such as parsley, basil etc.

- if it is still too bitter add more lemon juice


blend everything in a high-end blender such as vitamix/revoblend etc. for a short period of time. pour it into a jar.



you can use a pestle & mortar too - this takes more time but I really like the beauty of this method being as it's all done by hand! chop the carrot greens finely and add in all the ingredients - add the the olive oil bit by bit until it all has a smooth consistency. 



(usually it doesn't last long in our house - gone within days)

1. make sure you use a clean, sterilized jar

how to sterilize:

pour boiling hot water into the jar until totally full and leave it standing for at least a minute. pour away and dry very thoroughly. 

clean the inside of the lid with high percent alcohol which you pour onto a kitchen roll and wipe the inside with


2. make sure the pesto is always covered - airtight - with oil 0.5-1 cm of oil. 


3. every time you use it, poor more oil on top until it's air tight again


with this method you can keep your pesto fresh for a long time.

but most likely it will be gone very quickly because it is so gooood! :)


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