sprouting with benefits

oben: das sind brokkoli keime, die ich in einer flachen schüssel mit watte gezogen habe.

above: these are broccoli sprouts i grew in a flat palte with some cotton wool.





sprouts are just an amazing bomb of vitality, enzymes, micronutrients and minerals. and you do not need fancy equipment to sprout, no special things you need to buy for it.


when i was a child, i used to love alfa-alfa sprouts very much and one day i asked my mother why she talks about them as being so extremly healthy. she tried to tell me what a sprout does, and as a chid i totally understood what was going on and why they are just amazing: my personal conclusion was - they always have to get up really early and that is hard work!



she told me, 'there is a seed, that gets soaked so that the shell is softer and it can start to grow. it is like in the earth when it rains the seeds start to grow. so the sleeping seed suddenly gets woken up by humidity, it is like when i wake you up in the morning. then the seed needs a lot of power and strength to wake up and it pushes trough the seed-shell eventually, like your sister who doesn't like to get up. and then it starts to grow towards the light, like you when you want to go play outside in the morning. and in the morning you have the most energy, because you have slept well and you want to jump and run all day long. a sprout is like you in the morning, strong and engergetic and at the peak of its energy and if we eat sprouts, they give us all their strength.





during the process of sprouting a lot of chemical reactions happen in the seed to make it grow and provide it with energy, as well as protect itself from parasites. plant matter is being newly built, reserve matter is being deconstructed and constructed in a new way. in this process the vitamin, protein and fat is transformed into a richer form, while the high mineral content of the seed stays intact.


I sprouted mung beans/broccoli seeds, which you can see on the photos.






1 big empty glass jar

1 unused pair of thin tights

1 hairband


or for other seeds like broccoli & cress

1 bowl

some cotton wool




1) soak the seeds in water over night, or in a dark place for 8-12 hours. if it's longer it is not tragic at all, but not more than 24 hours.


2) strain the seeds, rinse again and strain again. in the end there should be not water in the jar.




3) now the tights come into play. cut off one 'foot' of a leg, pull it over the glass jar and secure it with the hairband. should look somehow like in the photo.


4) place the jar slightly diagonal in a light place e.g.: window sill with a bowl underneath to catch any water that is dripping out.


5) rinse the sprouts in their jar 2x per day (more often in summer). for that fill up the jar with water, swirl a little and rinse the water out. do that 1-3 times and put them back in their place.





6) after the sprouts have reached the wished size (happens in 4-7 days) rinse well and either eat them straight away or store them in an open jar in the fridge. when stored in the fridge they must be rinsed daily, because they continue to grow even though it is just a tiny tiny bit.




there are seeds that need light and others that need darkness to sprout


sprouts that need darkness

  • beans, broccoli
  • peas
  • hemp
  • chick peas, pumpkin seeds
  • lentils
  • mung beans
  • radish
  • sesame & sunflower seeds

sprouts that need light:

  • alfalfa, amaranth
  • buchwheat
  • millet
  • cress, cumin
  • linseeds
  • mint
  • quinoa
  • rice
  • mustard seeds
  • thyme
  • most of the wild herbs





und meine mutter





and my mother





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