date & clementine porridge

ingredients for one hungry stomach in the morning: 



3 handfuls oat flakes (or other flakes you like - GLUTENFREE: millet etc)

0.3 l water

2 clementines 

1 thumb size pieces of ginger (chop it very finely)

1 handful pitted dates

1 handful almonds

1 handful sunflower seeds 

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

1/2 tsp ginger bread spices (ground: cinammon, aniseed, cloves, coriander, cardamom)


2-4 tbsp rice sweetener

1 tsp coconut oil


heat up the coconut oil and roast the oats with the spices and the seeds until lightly brown, add the rest of the ingredients (not the clementine) and cook for 10min.

stir every now and then because it likes to stick to the bottom of the pan.


now add the rice sweetener and the clementine, cut into big chunks. stir everything well let it rest for 2 minutes so the fruit gets warm as well & top it off with finely chopped almonds and dates.



note: you can put all the ingredients in a pot in the evening with water & fruit, let it soak over night and just boil it for 4 mins in the morning - it's easy and saves time in the morning!


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