date & chocolate sticks




100g cocoa butter nibs


60-70g cocoa powder (depends how dark you want it ;))


40g coconut flower sugar or 70ml rice sweetener or any other sweetener you like


1/2 tsp. vanilla powder


1/2 tsp sea salt (THE SECRET INGREDIENT!)

2 handful dates, pitted



put the cocoa butter nibs & coconut flower sugar in a pot and heat them up until melted - careful, that happens very quickly! remove from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients.  (if you use coconut flower sugar, heat up on low heat again and stir until the coconut flower sugar is dissolved - with any other liquid sweetener you don't need to heat it up again) add in the dates. either as a whole or cut into slices.




put cling film in any sort of baking dish, spread the chocolate and let it cool down for a couple of hours or if you want it quicker in the fridge. cut into long think stick's and voilá!!


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