triple chocolate brownies


4 medium sweet potatoes (organic)


6 flax seed eggs - recipe here


2 tbsp chia seeds mixed with 6 tbsp water - leave them standing until thei form a gel


5 tbsp melted coconut oil


6-7 tbsp sweetener of your choice

(coconut flower sugar, raw honey, agave syrup....about 1/2 cup)


*3/4 cup unsweetened chocolate chips or 100% zotter chocolate


6 tbsp coconut flour (or ground nuts, hazelnuts, almonds.. whatever you like)


1 cup organic cocoa powder (unsweetened)

4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp organic vanilla powder


1/2 tsp cinnamon




*if you don't have unsweetened chocolate chips i like to use roughly chopped nuts e.g.: brazil nuts/hazel etc. give it a nice crunchiness




- cut sweet potatoes in half and bake for 30-40 min at 180°C


- remove skin and mash them in your mixing bowl


- add flax seed eggs


- add all other wet ingredients


- add all dry ingredients


- pour into a baking pan


- bake at 180°C for 30-40min


- let it cool down before cutting




4 tbsp cocoa powder  (unsweetened)

3 tbsp barley syrup (or any other liquid sweetener of your choice, rice syrup etc) 

2 tbsp coconut mousse

a dash of coconut milk or water


mix everything until its creamy and spreadable, add more liquid (coconut milk/water) to get the right consistency.

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