berry pudding 'cream'

I am manic about berries! I've been known to be able to live off berries alone - and while yes I might have a favourite berry, actually I just love all of them. so for the autumn, early winter evenings I love something nice and warm as a sweet thing after dinner or as a snack and that's when I dug out my favourite extremely simple creation. I use kuzu because it has many health benefits for the intestines, but you can also use organic corn starch.




4 cups frozen mixed berries (no additives like sugar etc)

2 tbsp kuzu  (3 tbsp organic corn starch)

2 cups hot water

organic vanilla powder

fermented rice sweetener OPTIONAL



heat up 2 cups of water in a kettle, dissolve the kuzu in 5 tbsp of cold water, pour the hot water on top of the berries in a pot, add the dissolved kuzu and stir until the milky colour turns into a clear liquid. add vanilla and rice syrup to your taste. as a topping I love creamed coconut or coconut cream drizzled with rice syrup.