rice protein meal

rice protein, acai berry & coconutmilk post workout meal

i like to move a lot. REALLY a lot, my athletic section on my blog is in progress and there will be more details for plant fueled ideas for your training routine.

anyway, proper post workout refill is absolutely necessary. eating before lifting or any other physical activity is definitely not my thing. this rice-protein creation is easy to take with you and by the way i'm a HUGE fan of BROWN RICE PROTEIN.  i usually prepare it in a jar and add just a few sprinkles of water later and mix it with a spoon and enjoy it after my workouts. make sure to not use too much sweetener. and it is also suitable for children!


the best fuel after a great workout PROTEIN & FAT


ingredients for one post-workout meal


100g creamy coconut milk   (I use this one : grace 75% coconut 25% water)

1 scoop brown rice protein (25g)

1-2 tbsp acai berry powder

1-2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp or more rice sweetener  (any sweeteness that you like, but rice sweetener has very little impact on the blood sugar levels)



i put ingredients in a jar and take it with me. whenever i want to eat it i add 3-5 tbsp of water and stir it until everything is mixed well.



links to the products I used:

coconut milk

brown rice protein

acai berry powder

cocoa powder

rice sweetener