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5 question we had to answer within the blog-game, blog your heart out! we got tagged and joined in! enjoy the insight to langSam food. and feel free to ask more questions if you want to know more about us.

who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

we wanted to get it out there, all the experience of being plant based chefs we just want to share our life time experiecen (on martina's side) with this lifestyleeveryone. as well as people keept on asking us for recipes, how we do this, how we do that, what advice we would have for so and so, when our next events are, when our book is coming out(!) ... so we knew there were plenty of ears/eyes ready to receive, and guessed there were many more besides.


what is something most people don’t know about you?

what langSam food means, it came together a few years ago when we wrote our names on a card. martina lang Sam jackson, and we got a comment of a friend, that our names would make the perfect buisness name. and that's when the idea started for langSam productions which turned into langSamfood. langSam means slow in german, so our name is referring to slow food, which is just another bonus.

how did you choose what topics to blog about?

food - well what can we say it's always there every day and we've basically just boring poeple taking the most obvious thing.... or maybe because we might know some special things due to upbringing, experience and creativity;)

most of the blog entries have been us monitoring what people are really interested in, what tickles them to not, but if course all in relation to the bringing out of recipes and information about food.

what three words describe your style?

creative, simple, unprocessed

what do you love to do when you are not blogging?

move .. !! basically we are move-maniacs (dancing, crossfit, yoga, swimming, running...) but don't get scared away, after all that we are porbaly the most comfortable on our sofa like really old big sloths - and we love it!

5 blogs we are tagging:

http://www.oh-sophia.net/  just such a sweet berlin food blog

http://nutritionstripped.com/ great inspiration from nashvill

http://blog.findingvegan.com/ we just love this platform

http://detoxinista.com/ best healthy snickers bar found there

http://www.gluten-free-vegan-girl.com/ wonderful blog


contiune the ❤ blog your heart out ❤  inspiration and answer these 5 questions for your followers to let them know a little more about you & don't forget to tag some great blogs you like!

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  • #1

    Ivelina (Wednesday, 09 April 2014 17:31)

    Pure awesomness and inspiration! BTW, you are anything but Slow.

  • #2

    martinalang (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 09:29)

    oh thank you so much!! :)